The Treasure Box

Parent's Thank you's

" Hi Jane Its arrived! Thank you so much - Dan was absolutely thrilled - he is sat at this moment watching a DVD on his new player - in front of our TV - he says its "much better" than the TV, Also he loved his Mclaren stuff - thanks for getting Lewis to sign his hat - brilliant!  We have a photo of him in his hat and race outfit and we will send it you for the website if you want. Thanks again so much - it has certainly made his day! Mark & Lesley"
"Hi Jane and the team at the Indee Rose Trust,
A huge thank you for Kieran's treasure box, that he received the day after his last chemo session, which could not have been better timing!!  Kieran has finally unwrapped the amazing presents, he is one lucky makes his birthday (Christmas eve) and Christmas list harder to think about.  The presents could not have been more appropriate, Kieran also has a right sided weakness and the puzzles with the buckles, sting and poppers will be great therapy for him to build on his weakness and co-ordination!  I have attached some photo's of him with his box.
Natasha has told me about how you as a family remained positive throughout Indee's battle, and that philosophy is one that we live every day, we don't have time to worry about the what if's or maybe's, we put all our efforts into enjoying every minute with Kieran and making his life as normal as possible.  At the moment Kieran is doing really well with his treatment, goes to pre-school two days a week and makes us laugh and smile every single day.  I am weeks away from number two being due and during my labour all I will need to think about is how brave Kieran is and if he can go through what he can, then I can get his little brother out to meet the family!!
Many thanks again for the amazing gift which certainly brought a smile :-)
Emily and Steve Webster x"
"What can I say.  I have never seen Charlie get so excited and laugh so much when your parcel arrived.  Charlie thought all his birthdays had come at once. Charlie has had such a difficult year with his brain tumour which as now left him disabled and his aggressive cancer but your box made him forget about all that and the smile on his face WAS priceless. Thankyou so, so much.x"
"WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!   It arrived today and was a million times better than I imagined.  I didn't expect so much.  I said to Dylane it's like Christmas and she said, no mummy it's better.  She kept asking how you know what she liked.  She put the jewellery on and handbag whilst opening the other things.  With every parcel she opened she kept saying, mummy there's more!!  She has gone to bed with her baby Annabelle (who she calls Emily) dressed up in her new outfit with her handbag next to her bag with her 'treasures' in.  I have a feeling that we will be taking it out and about with us this weekend.
I think what you do is amazing.  It's a fantastic idea for the kids.  Dylane doesn't smile very much anymore and is at times unrecognisable from the little girl she was before all this but today the box made her smile and in turn made me smile realising that we can be happy again once this is all over.
Love Leigh (Dylane's Mummy)"
"Dear Jane, A postman leaving a big parcel addressed to Stephanie today took me by surprise as I quite forgot about the conversation with Rowena about your charity and the treasure boxes. Your box is so beautiful and we decided that we will allow Stephanie to explore a couple of gifts each time. She was totally mesmerised and being a big fan of ‘In the Night Garden’ went straight on into playing with the whole set of the toys from this programme. A bunny playing ‘hide and seek’ got lots of hugs from Stephanie and put a big smile on her face. I’m also really touched that someone put so much heart into preparing this box for our little girl with such a generosity.  
Thank you to all involved into creating such an amazing box of joy.
Anna -Stephanie’s mum"
"Thank you Jane for all the lovely gifts. Evie loves them xx "
"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for Emma's fabulous treasure box. It's very clear that a lot of thought and love goes into the boxes. Everything down to the box it came in was lovely. It's like you know my daughter as every single gift in the box is perfect. She has spent all morning wearing the jewellery you sent and playing with the peppa pig mirror. She has also just had a nap cuddling peppa Pig. You are amazing!! Your wonderful work has made my very brave little girl smile!"
"When the treasure box arrived, Mason, had no idea. His face was a picture. I cried and he cried and he kept saying I can't believe someone has done this for me.  Everything in his box made him smile and he tells everyone at the hospital about this treasure box.  A wonderful gift that really does make a child smile for a long time afterwards.  Thank you to everyone who makes this happen at The Indee Rose Trust xxx.

"THANK YOU, so, so, much. Owen LOVED his box today, perfect timing after a nasty morning in hospital. Lots and lots of lovely smiles it was great for Owen AND us. I can't thank you enough xxxxxxxx"

"Amy received her box today and she is absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much. I have not seen her smile that much in ages, bless her. She is so happy. Thank you for everything"

"Huge thank you for all the amazing cards that were included in Camille's treasure box, we will keep them all forever, very special and unique xxx"
"I would like to thank you so much for the treasure box which you kindly sent to Zach. It couldnt have come at better time....the treasure box arrived whilst he was in hospital and I took the parcel up to the hospital in the hope it would lift his spirits. He was so excited when he saw the parcel with his name on it. He couldnt wait to open it and it was the first time in 2 weeks we had seen him happy and excited about anything. Since opening his treasure box he continued to get better and the next day we were allowed to bring him home. Again I would like to thank you and tell you how much his treasure box meant to him. It was the best medicine on his road to recovery."



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