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Indee's Daddy and team set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014!

April 2013

In March next year 16 Canvey lads including Indee's Daddy are to climb the 2 nd largest mountain in the world. If you can spare the smallest or the biggest amount to help them reach there 30,000 target that they want to raise for Indee's charity. When they reach the top they will hold a banner with all the treasure box children's names on. So please support them x 

The team will be holding a fundraising night next month at Concord Football Club, go to our events page for more information.

Date for the diary -Sunday 4th August we will be holding our footie tournament at Concords ground again. Details will follow soon!

Some serious toy ordering completed this month. Online shops for 5 hours and 3 more treasure boxes nearly complete. Next week hoping to send out 5 treasure boxes and 1 I pad to some amazing children who have been diagnosed with brain or spinal tumours.  People are very unaware just how many types of brain tumour there are. Some are classed terminal on diagnosis some grow fast some slow. Some don't budge they sit there for years and do nothing. Some are classed as in operable and some just are taken out. All in all though they are nasty horrible things and I'm being very polite here!!! Wish they were never invented as my small friend Lucy would say.  

If you or your work place have to choose a charity to support this year then please do consider The Indee Rose Trust. Being a smaller charity we don't receive any government grants we rely just on our own fundraising and kind donations from good people. We really do appreciate every single person who has supported our Indee's charity. You all have created so many smiles xx

This month we had 1000  'Indee Rose' treasure boxes delivered from china. Thanks to Bill Baalam for sorting it out for us.

Photo: There she is Indee's very own treasure box! So proud! Over 200 sent to children with brain tumours so far now we have 1000 more! 1000 more smiles and memories. Xxx

Thank you's!

Would like to say a big big thank you to my mum who works so hard wrapping up the treasure boxes. She will sit all night takings toys gadgets out of there packaging and we all know that can be a nitemare ! She will test all the toys then indivially wrap the gifts up. Sprinkle with confetti and then wraps them in brown paper ready to post. My mum who also creates big smiles the best pressie wrapper in the world !!! Lol xx

A huge thank you to everyone who donated at Concord FC's game on Sunday 14th April, the game - Concord vs Harrow raised a whopping £1000 !! Thank you all so much and you will all help create so many deserved smiles xxx

A big thank you to Antony Smith who donated £500 to the charity at the end of March by asking for new followers to join us on twitter by 4 pm to reach 2000 followers. Well it worked and a big thank you to all our followers who helped by tweeting away. It was fun x 

Thank you and Good Luck to Jon Cooper who will be running a half marathon on 14th April for The Indee Rose Trust. Xx

Thank you to Meenal  Patel who took part in a half marathon at Richmond Park in London on 31st March 2013, raising £906!  Well done and thank you!

Best of luck to Ross Hollands who soon will be taking part in his London to Paris bike ride raising funds for the Indee Rose Trust!  Donate here if you can

Brain Tumour Awareness Month

March 2013

March is brain tumour awareness month. Please create some awareness into this devastating illness. I never thought the word brain tumour would mean anything to me but sadly our lives were devastated by loosing indee to this monster.  Let's create awareness!! X

This month we are working on 5 treasure boxes at the moment with another 8 referrals to do. One child is blind caused by the horrid tumour and another little one has learning difficulties caused by the tumour. These tumours can sometimes cause all sorts of troubles and more challenges in life that these amazing children and their families have to face. Xx Three special teddy's sent this week to children who need some smiles. Sadly 2 have relapsed and the other little one is due to have more surgery soon. X today will be sent sorting treasure box toys to be sent next week. X

We are sending out letters to companies asking if they could support The Indee Rose Trust in anyway. We always need support and anyone who would like to fundraise in anyway we would be grateful. It can be the smallest of events cake sales at work, raffles. We have had lots of schools involved in the past holding non uniform or themed fancy dress and charged £1. It all helps and the smallest amount really does create a smile. So next time there is a excuse to have fun and raise funds for a charity please remember Indee's charity thanks xx

Remember Pining For You the beautiful shop in Canvey are holding a lovely raffle for The Indee Rose Trust. A chance to win a Yankee Candle Hamper. Tickets are on sale £1 per strip. Please support and buy a ticket xx

Dates for the diary....Our Masquerade Ball is going to fabulous this year. pencil this date in your diaries Saturday 5 th October. It will be held at The Pavillion at Orsett Hall. Details will follow soon. 350 tickets on sale tables of 10 or 12 or single tickets available. Can't wait !!!!!! If anyone would like to be a sponsor for the night please get in touch x and Sunday 4th August we will be holding our celebrity footie tournament at Concords ground again. Details will follow soon xxxxxxx

Wanted to post something lovely a big well done to a lovely mummy who sadly lost her beautiful son Dre to a brain tumour a couple of years ago. Some of you may remember that he loved buses bless him. Well Marsha has become a mummy again to a beautiful little girl. So now Dre is the big bro. Congratulations and this news makes us smile xx


Thank you's

Thank you to Gillian Wensley who is running a half marathon to support The Indee Rose Trust this month. x

Thank you to William Primary School who have donated £141.69 from there wonderful carol service they hold every year to Indee's Charity xx thank you to John F Kennedy Catholic School who have raised a huge amount in the past for The Indee Rose Trust. There fundraising has been in memory of Geoffrey Gower a wonderful young lad who sadly passed away just over a year ago. Some of Geoffrey's friends planted a tree in his memory and they decided to have a collection and emptied their pockets and raised £37.31 how sweet are they. Thank you and Geoffrey would be so proud of his mates xx

Thank you to the ladies of the St George's Wives Club in Benfleet. Letting me have the opportunity to tell you all about our wonderful Indee and the charity. Thank you also for the very kind donations from the club and others who were there. Very much appreciated hope to see you all again xx

A big thank you to Canvey Island Spiritualist Church who held two raffles at there church and have kindly donated £175.00 to Indee's Charity. Thank you so much xxx


 A finally a big Thank you to Prop's and Frock's Fancy Dress Shop in Essex who kindly donated all the costumes for our helpers to wear at our recent Princess and Pirate Party, this was so generious and we really appreciate your kind support.  Please have a look at their fantastic website and go to their shop it's amazing!!

A New Year...

January 2013

So it's the first day of a brand new year. Happy New Year xx Another year without Indee but another year letting the world know about our wonderful girl and all the amazing children we hear about. This is the year where we will meet many more children having treatment for brain tumours believe me we have a stack of referrals to get through already. We will be planning events for the year ahead and we hope to have your continued support. 2013 let's create more smiles and happy memories for children who never asked to become ill xxxx

So many of the treasure box children are having there MRI scans this month. A very daunting time for all the family. The most scariest and worrying time and you try to push it to the back of your head but its always there. Fear. So we will be thinking of you all and pray for the best results. Let us know how you all get on xxxx

All to often our treasure box children have to spend very long spells in hospital. Little Zach who's only 6 has got a brain tumour and a few weeks ago he sadly had a stroke on top of everything else he has to deal with will be in hospital till some time in Febuary.. Zach would really like to receive some post to cheer him up. He loves Peppa pig and the usual tv characters. Zach is currently have intense physio to get his arms and legs working right again. We will be sending him a treat but if you can make him smile that would be great. Leave your name and we will inbox you details. X

On Sunday 24 th Feb The Indee Rose Trust will be having a party just for children. This will at The Paddocks on Canvey. More details will be posted next week. This will be tickets only. There will be lots of fun !!! So we want to know if there is a really nice fancy dress shop person who would like to supply lots of costumes on the day x were looking for scrummy cakes and biscuits and balloons and anything else that would be great for a party. If anyone can help that would be great xxxx

Thank you's

A big thank you to Castle Point Leisure who organised a 1 week Triathlon at Waterside Canvey they raised a huge £840.00. Thank you to everyone who took part. You will all create some big smiles x Thank you to Jean and Keith Dodson who very kindly donated £25 to Indee's Trust over Christmas xx

A big thank you to a lovely lady who has given Indees Trust 2 tickets to see Gary Barlow at the Cliffs in January. Her wish was to create a smile so we have decided to give to a wonderfully brave mum and dad who really need a treat  x thank you for thinking of The Indee Rose Trust so lovely of you xx

Thank you to Danny Lynam, captain of Canvey Island Golf Club, who chose The Indee Rose Trust as his charity of the year last year, he organised a fantastic golfing day raising  £1900! Thank you so much Danny xxx

Adanny said: "As captain of Castle Point Golf Club, I chose The Indee Rose Trust as my charity last year. I am very pleased to say that we raised £1900.00. I would like to thank all those who donated money through out the year and those who sponsored holes on the captains charity day. This is a fantastic charity, that really does help so many families in their time of need. Please everyone continue to show your support, well done Jane and Russell for all the hard work you do."

Please keep supporting The Indee Rose Trust. If you want to fundraise , donate , climb mountains , take part in marathons or any other way to help raise funds then please consider helping us create more smiles. Every year we hear about more children who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour they never asked to become ill and to often they don't have much to smile about. So this year think about how you could make that happen. A smile is a curve that can put everything right if only for a short while x x  


Merry Christmas and thank you for all the support in 2012!

December 2012

Over the last 2 weeks we have had 13 referrals sent to us. We are currently working on 6 treasure boxes. These will be sent out in January. These fabulous treasure boxes take time to get right a lot of hard work and thought goes into them. If any businesses out there would like to sponsor a treasure box then get in touch. Also why not consider The Indee Rose Trust as your chosen charity for the year ? Keep supporting Indees charity so we can keep creating lots of smiles xxxx

On the 20th of December we had some very special visitors visiting Alder Hey hospital creating big smiles for the children on the oncology ward. Thanks to John Murray , Paul Smith and others who created big smiles!

This month we dedicated our facebook & Twitter status to a wonderful boy called Tom. Tom sadly passed away a year ago so as you can imagine that day is an even harder day for his family and friends. Tom received his treasure box and with it was a petrol car he wanted. It took us ages to get the right one but eventually we did. Tom's family Through there own heartache have supported Indee's Trust and have created many smiles in Tom's memory. Just a few weeks back we were told that we were to receive £6000 from cash for kids and this was all thanks to Tom. Tom you are a superstar and thanks to you and your family many more brave children like you will receive their fab treasure boxes.

We were very sad to hear little Blaise passed away on Christmas day in his sleep x another amazing little star xx our thoughts are with his family xxx

We have had another 6 referrals this week for children to receive a treasure box. We now have a total of 15 that we will get finished and sent off in January. So many children we hear about. In January we are asking for businesses to get involved and choose Indees charity to support throughout the year OR support by supplying some of the bigger items the children ask for. I pads , I pod touches , games consoles. If your business can get involved we would appreciate it. If you would like more info then message us your details thank you.

Thank you's

Redrow Homes Eastern Division recently held a corporate clay pigeon shooting event to raise funds for The Indee Rose Trust. We have received a whopping £4000 from them. Thank you so so much to everyone who organised, took part and donated. It's a huge amount that will really do so much to keep creating so many smiles xxxxxxx

A Big Thank you to Nicky Challis and Tracey Cox who held a quiz night earlier this year and raised a brilliant £400 for The Indee Rose Trust. Thanks to everyone who supported the night. Your donation will create a wonderful treasure box for a very brave child who is having treatment for a brain or spinal tumour. THANK YOU XXX

A big thank you to Antony Smith and Grant Beglan who both donated £1000 each to The Indee Rose Trust. A huge amount thank you so much xxx thank you also to the kind people who have put money or cheques in with their christmas cards for Indee. There will be lots of smiles created next year for some brave children xxxxxx

We have met and heard about some inspirational children and their families for the past 3 years since we started the charity in memory of our wonderful Indee. Losing Indee to an illness we had never really thought about was just the worse ever feeling that anyone could ever think about and our hearts will always be broken but  the wonderful brave children we have sent treasure boxes to have helped us smile and gave us the drive to create lots of smiles. Amazing and very brave xxx

We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you to all that have supported us in 2012.




Zumba Christmas!

1 st December 2012

Thanks to everyone who turnt up for our Zumba Event. It was a great day x a big thank you to Jade Sanders and Kim Woolf who were the fantastic instructors. Well done everyone xxxxx

A big Thank you to Kelly Hollands and family and friends who organised The Christmas Market on the 2th November in Leigh on Sea. It was fab lots of great stalls and loads of shoppers. You done so well. Thank you so much for wanting to support The Indee Rose Trust we really appreciate it xxx

From time to time we hear from other parents who ask us to post on Indee's wall regarding their child. We have been told about a lovely little girl who has been diagnosed with an inoperable high grade 3 glioma bilateral thalamic tumour - we want to find some support for this family. So if your child or you know of someone who could advice this family we would be so grateful. Please contact me and let's see if we can let this mummy know that she is not on her own and sometimes the best therapy is to talk thank you xx

So we have some wonderful people John Murray and others who are going to be doing a Christmas trip to Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool who want to spread the word about Indee's Trust. John delivered a very special treasure box to his little cousin last week and his visit opened his eyes to what these amazing children have to go through to beat their horrid cancer. So he has decided to create some big smiles for these very brave children. Thank you John you will make a big difference x

Please see link to our new support page, this is for parents, family, friends who have been affected by childhood cancer. x

Our visit to UCLH is to go ahead still in December. This hospital is very close to our hearts as this is where indee was for 6 weeks having her radiotherapy everyday. We were looked after by the most amazing nurses especially Annette who indee loved so much. Our aim is to find out what the children need on the ward it may be game consoles, iPads, board games. T11 is a small ward with only a few beds and rooms but it is the forgotten ward. Upstairs to them is The Teenage Cancer Trust which is heavily funded so its pretty amazing there and lots of celebs visit the children there. T 11 hardly get regonised and most children have to go to this ward to receive radiotherapy which is part of there treatment. Xx

A big thank you to Tim Webb from RTA Traffic solutions who has just presented us with a cheque for £1000 for Indee's trust. Tim is going to get his company and clients envolved in some fundraising next year #cantwait #smilesandmemoriesA big thank you to Tim Webb from RTA Traffic solutions who has just presented us with a cheque for £1000 for Indee's trust. Tim is going to get his company and clients envolved in some fundraising next year

A Big Thank you also to Claire Paton, Vicki Martin, Ian and Sarah Haunts and all the husbands and children who have all had a successful event raising funds for Indees Charity. Selling raffle tickets and cupcakes raised £497.45. A fantastic amount !!! Thank you all so much and everyone who supported. Also well done to Callam and Codie for selling Indee's awareness wristbands we heard you done a great job ! Much appreciated guys xxxxxx 


Another busy month

November 2012

Another six treasure boxes being sent out this week. So many more to get through. Keep The Indee Rose Trust in mind for some fundraising next year. Marathons, themed nights, walks, cake sales we need to keep raising funds for these brave children to receive their very special treasure boxes.  Here's a photo of the wonderful brave Millie with her treasure box.

The lovely Millie opening her treasure box xxx #smiles and memories

A big Thank you to Amanda De Ath , Gillian and Pete who made it possible for one of the treasure box children to receive a signed cricket bat as they love cricket. Thanks to Peter Stroud ex chairman of Chelmsford City Fc and Ronnie Irani former England and Essex Country player. To Ronnie and Darren Gough who signed the bat. This very brave boy will be over the moon. Thank you so much for creating a big smile xxx

Our patron Johnny Eames from the TKO boxing gym was awarded a special award this month at the board of boxing control national award ceremony for bringing the boxing family together each year at our Indee's yearly celebrity boxers football tournament. Over the last three years Johnny has raised £50,000 for the trust and created massive awareness across the country. This man has a massive heart and is so committed to our trust it truly is an honour to be associated with him.

Our Zumba event is being held on Canvey at The Paddocks main hall on Saturday 24 th Nov from 1 pm\ 3pm £5 per adult and kids go free as long as they are supervised by parent. Start 1.30pm prompt. No time limit go at your pace it will be loads of fun. Jade Sanders and Kim Woolf will be your instructors. So please come along and help us to raise funds for Indees wonderful Treasure Boxes. Indees stall will be there selling the latest t shirts and hoodies can't wait to see you there xx

A BIG THANK YOU to Claire and Neil Archer who have organised a Back To School Disco tonight at Kingswood Racquet Club in Basildon Essex supporting The Indee Rose Trust FAB and thanks xx Also Tony Harrison of VK GYM in Bognor Regis has organised his event WHO WANTS TO KNOW! Tony is boxing for the first time in 20 years and all tickets sales will go to Indee's Trust and a collection on the night also. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS WE REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO XX


Masquerade Ball raises £10,000 for the second year running

W/C 15 October 2012

 20121005_231520Thank you to everyone who attended our ball on Friday 5th october, thank you to James Bayford, Alex Stassi, Charlie Sansom, Danielle Walsh, the legend David Lee Andrews, Jan Morgan Wilmore our phoographer, our Magician, Elliott from Party Photo booths, Nichola who donated all of the wonderful cupcakes, our compere Duncan and thank you to all of my friends who helped organise the ball! All of the people above gave their time for free for our charity and we are so proud to have them be part of our fantastic fundraising night!

The biggest thank you to everyone who attended this years Masquerade Ball you all helped raise a whopping £10,000 fabulous xx So thank you to everyone who made this possible. Also a huge thank you to all the businesses who donated items for our raffle and auction. So many smiles can be made

Here is a link to our photobooth photos from the night - lots of fun was had by all!



Thank you to all the generous companies that have donated auction and raffle items for our ball, we really appreciate your support.




It's Masquerade that's a Must!

W/C 10th September 2012

Hello everyone, Jane has been very busy with her new gorgeous little bundle Kellan, so I'm filling in again, i'm sorry i've been a little preoccuppied lately, so i'm only now just updating the blog!

For anyone who is attending our ball on the 5th October at Orsett Hall, we now need your final payments and dietary requirement/wine choice by FRIDAY 21st SEPTEMBER.  I am organising this event, so if you haven't received your dietary form yet please get in touch with me by e-mail tickets will only be sent once we receive all this info.  There are still a small number of tables/tickets left so if you do still want to go please get in touch. It's going to be fabulous night!

We are still looking for auction and raffle items, so if you can help in anyway please get in touch, everything helps!  Last year we raised an amazing £10,000 for the children, so we are hoping to raise a great amount again and we rely on donations for generous people and companies.

Although Jane has been busy with beautiful Kellan, she has still been working hard on sending out treasure boxes and sent some to very brave children recently, all our thoughts to go to our brave treasure box children who are undergoing treatment in hospital at the moment.  Last month one of our very brave treasure box children was featured on This Morning. Eve, a very brave little girl and her amazing family creating much needed awareness for Eve and all children who are currently fighting this disease.

In November we will be holding our annual Christmas Fayre, Nov 24th at the Paddocks Hall on Canvey Island. We are looking for stalls, £20 for the day. If you would like to have a stall contact Jane on and she will contact you in time.

A few thank you's

Thank you to a lovely lady called Maxine and her family who have sent a donation of £600 to The Indee Rose Trust. This donation is very special as sadly their father passed away and they had a collection at his funeral. They wanted to support a children's charity x thank you were really are touched that through your own sadness you think of others. Many smiles will be created

Big thank you to Tracy Rose for completing her 15 mile run for Indees Trust and for Danny. It amazes us how people really do support and we are always so grateful.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported the footie event in August. Big thanks to all the players who really do put themselves out every year. Johnny Eames superstar for organising the event who we are always so grateful to. Thank you to Concord Fc - Antony Smith jayne Harrington and all the staff who work so hard and make sure the day runs smoothly. To all the great helpers we had yesterday friends and family. Thank you all so much x we really do appreciate all your support. It's a great feeling knowing you will create so many well deserved smiles#priceless xx

Congratulations to Jane, Russell, Fin and Indee on the Birth of baby Kellan

W/C 30th July 2012

I'm filling in for Jane this week on her blog, Firstly a big congratulations on the birth of Jane and Russell's new son Kellan Tai, born on Tuesday 24th of July at 5.00am, weighing 10lb 8oz!  Jane commented: "Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes on the arrival of Kellan. I haven't been able to up date everyone as its been a rough few days. He is our wonderful gift from Indee and so much like Fin and Indee which is the best xxxx"

Jane and Russell are now at home enjoying time with their new son, so Jane will be offline for a little while taking some time out, thank you for all the kind messages Jane and Russell are very overwhelmed with all the messages, so thank you to you all. 

We would like send our special thoughts to Danny Green's family, one of our special treasure box children and who lived locally on Canvey Island, Danny sadly passed away last week, Danny fought a long and tough battle over the past months and we are very proud of him, he was an amazing boy, love to all the family at this very sad time xxxx

Although Jane will be offline for a little while, whilst she recovers, we do have one of our biggest events coming up next month, our Celebrity Football Event, if you go to our news page you will see the latest news and line-up!  Barry McGuigan is back again supporting us, as are the many wonderful and famous boxing stars that have supported us for the past two years.  We have also been told that Joe Calzaghe will be joining the Welsh Footy team!  We have a fantastic line up so don't miss out.  Our event takes place on Sunday 12th August from 12.00pm onwards at Concord Football club on Canvey Island.

Tickets for our Indee Rose Masquerade Ball are nearly sold out, so if you want to book a table contact me on

Special thoughts to all of the wonderful brave children who are currently undergoing treatment, you are all superstars. xx

Perri (Indee's Auntie) x


Indee's Birthday 

W/C 2nd July 2012

I've had another busy month wrapping treasure boxes.  Two great boxes to be sent plus an iPad for a very brave girl currently undergoing chemo for a brain tumour. Creating big smiles xxxxx

Wednesday 4th July is our Indee's birthday. She would have been 7. So think of Indee and smile and blow her a birthday kiss xx also remembering Donna Hudson who shares the same birthday. Miss you Indee always xxxxx

Tickets for our Indee Rose Masquerade Ball are selling really fast, we are already have 70% of tickets gone.  Don't miss out, if you would like to book please contact Perri on to reserve your table, it will sure to be a fantastic night and we have some amazing live entertainment.

Sending positive thoughts to Danny who has had another operation recnetly as is shunt is not working causing lots of swelling to the brain. Danny has been in GOSH receiving his chemo which he has just finished now he has had the complication of this happening. Positive thoughts work so please send some to this very brave young man xxx

Sharing some sad news  at the end of May little Mackenzie, one of our Treasure Box children sadly passed away. Mackenzie received a treasure box for being so brave. He had spent many weeks in a children's hospice where we know he had lots of fun and he made lots of happy memories. Thinking of his family and friends at this sad time xxxx

Thank you's

A big thank you to Nicola Walker was Carlane who raised £130 for Indees Charity. Nicola celebrated her 40th birthday and decided to hold a fundraiser at the local curry house to support charities. Thank you for choosing Indees charity as one we really appreciate it xxx

A big thank you to everyone who sent in a card for Danny. He opened them all today. Thank you to the lady who made the amazing cushion Danny fell asleep on it x Danny is doing so well and I'm sure all your get well wishes boost his well being. Thank you your all very kind xxxx

We received a letter last month from our local Sainsburys saying The Indee Rose Trust has been nominated as one of three charities that would be picked as their local charity of the year. We had no idea this was taking place. Thanks to everyone who nominated xxx


Lots of money raised for Indee's Treasure box fund!

W/C 23rd May 2012

Firstly I would like say a BIG well done to little Poppy who had surgery last month to remove a brain tumour. Poppy has undergone treatment before and we so wish she didn't haven't to go through this again, but Poppy is one amazing little girl who will kick this tumours butt!  Her surgery was a success and we are so pleased for her and her family xxx

Lots of children needing lots of positive thoughts at the moment. We hate childhood cancer / adult cancer it should be stamped out by now!!!!!! X thinking of you all x

We have had lots of wonderful fundraisers this month and we are so touched by the amounts raised! 

A big thank you to Como Group who held a fundraising day earlier this month at their site at 199 Bishopsgate in London, they held a fundraising afternoon with a meal, auction and fun events and raised a fantastic £25,000 for The Indee Rose Trust.  We absolutely over the moon about the amount that was raised in one afternoon, special thanks to Zoe, Gary, Nick, Sunil, Richard, Kieron, Steve from Como and everyone who donated on the day we are really touched, this is a fantastic amount to contribute for Indee's treasure box fund!  Well done to Tony Worboys who shaved all his hair off and raised £2,000!  This is is the biggest single fundraising event we have had and we couldn't be more pleased!  THANK YOU!

Thank you also to the wonderful King John School in Benfleet, Essex, year 7's who held a non uniform day and raised £210.20 x St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic School school council in Hemel Hempstead who raised £161.71 by dressing up at school for the day x St Roses Catholic Infants School in Hemel Hempstead who donated £128.02. It was raised by the children,parents and staff and was held in memory of Geoffrey one of our treasure box children who sadly passed away. Thank you everyone you will all create huge smiles xx

Another huge thank you to Trinity Catholic College And Sixth Form in Middlesbrough who raised a fantastic £4602.67 for The Indee Rose Trust. Some of the things the pupils and staff took part in to raise money was a sponsored walk,football match,non uniform day,cake and sweet stalls,ZumbaTom,Tombola. Thank you to year 7 pupils,year 11 boys football team and staff and SSGT Mick Rogers and SGT Reed from the army. Thank you to Ian and Rahael Gardiner family and friends for choosing to support Indee's Trust. The biggest thank you to the wonderful Tom who sadly passed away last year but who is a inspiration. Tom you will create so many precious smiles to very brave children just like you xxx

Thank you to everyone involved in the Indee Rose Rocks event which took place at the O2 academy this month raising funds for Indee's trust.  Thank you to everyone who attended, the bands that took part and everyone who was involved in such a fantastic event!

Don't forget our celebrity football event is fast approaching, a line up will be announced soon!! 




A Busy Few months ahead!

1 May 2012

Our Celebrity Boxing Footballers event is coming together nicely for Sunday 12th August at Concord Football club, we are looking for more tv and celebrity personalities to take part, please get in touch if you can help.  There will also be live TV coverage on the day, more details to follow in due course.

Special thoughts this month go to our local boy who is currently undergoing treatment in Great Ormond Street, we will be delivering cards to him soon, if you would like to send a card please let me know

Lots of children needing lots of positive thoughts at the moment. We hate childhood cancer / adult cancer it should be stamped out by now!!!!!! X thinking of you all x

Well done to the lovely Grace and Judith Kemp who appeared in 'Pick Me Up' magazine talking about her wonderful year long fundraising for the trust, we are so proud.  Grace is one of our lovely treasure box children, who has pledged to raise funds for Indee's charity for the year. Well done Grace! xx

And lastly GOOD LUCK goes to our local talented group Karisma Krew who are through to the semi-finals on Britain's Got Talent, they are appearing this Monday Bank Holiday, so everyone please vote for them!  You can follow them on twitter @karizmakrew  Best of luck to you all!!!!


Thank you's!

Thank you to Concord Rangers F.C. who kindly donated £1550 to the Indee Rose Trust, they held a fundraising day at their grounds last month, with all gate ticket donations to the trust as well as other fun fundraising on the day, thank you to Anthony and all the boys and the wonderful bar staff!  We really appreciate your continued support. x

A big thank you to the local boys  who organised a run around Canvey Island, the boys raised a fantastic £84.80 for the trust, even gaining some fab press coverage in a local paper!  Take a look on our newspage for the photo of the boys. Well done x

A big thank you to all our London Marathon Runners who took part in the race last month, you should all be very proud, thank you again for running or Indee's charity,  well done to Team Sparkes!!



Happy Easter!

W/C 23 April 2012

Sorry I've not had time to do my blog much lately, i've been extremely busy with treasure boxes, planning events for this year and of course keep busy with my pregnancy. 

We are please to announce our annual Celebrity Football Tournament has now been confirmed for Sunday 12th August at Concord Football Club, if you are interested in sponsoring the event please get in touch.  More details will be announced soon!

We are also pleased to announce following the success of last year's Indee Rose Masquerade Ball, we will hosting this event for a second year running, on Friday 5th October 2012 at Orsett Hall!  If you are interested booking a table with your friends, company or just buying single tickets please get in touch as soon as possible.  Last year we had over 200 people attend raising £10,000!  This year will be even bigger and better!  Please e-mail Perri Dopson and Danielle Low on for an information pack.  Tickets will sell fast so be sure to reserve yours! :o)

We've had a busy past two months with organising and planning events for later this year, we also welcomed two new members to our 'Team Indee' - Anthony Smith and Danielle Low, two wonderful kind hearted people who we are so proud to be able to calls friends and team members, thank you and welcome to the team!Anthony organised his first event this year with the golf day raising £1000!  Thank you Anthony.  Danielle will be working along with Perri to organise this years Masquerade Ball!

A huge thank you again to a dear friend Clare Brooking who, in March invited The Indee Rose Trust for the second time to be part of her fundraising night 'But I'm only a child' in London.  A huge thank you to the wonderful Alex Galea, who donated a personal cheque of £2,500 to our charity on the night. A wonderful generous man who we were very proud to meet.

Special thanks go to Keri Woodman who organised the Easter Fayre this year raising funds for the trust, thank you to Nanny Cheryll who also helped organise the day!


Thank you's to:

Byron Brackett,Martyn Lacey,Harry Harrison are doing a run on Thursday from Canvey Heights to The Lobster Smack and hoping to raise a few pennies for Indee's Trust. Thanks boys and if you see them cheer them on x

Thank you to Sue Maine, a friend of Perri, who nominated The Indee Rose Trust as charity of the year at her work, Charles Stanley, we didn't win, but the company kindly donated £100.00 thank you!

A big Thankyou to Gina Bradshaw who nominated The Indee Rose Trust in the ESP car competition and we won £250 BRILLIANT!!! Thank you for thinking of Indee s charity Gina xxx

A big thank you to Concord FC who collected for The Indee Rose Trust onMonday at the big game against Canvey FC. xx

A big well done to Judith and Grace Kemp who held there first event for The Indee Rose Trust last night ad raised a massive £705 !!! Fab and thank you to you and everyone who was there. Grace is one of our treasure box children who wants to create lots of smiles to children who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. Very proud of you Grace xxxxx

A big Thank you to John F Kennedy Catholic School who held a non uniform day In memory of Geoffrey one of the treasure box children we had the priviledge to meet. Your donation of £576.50 will create lots of smiles. Thank you so much for thinking of indees trust xxxxx

Thanks to everyone who attended the golf day all raised a massive £1000. Thank you to Antony Smith and Concord fc for organising. Thank you everyone who took part xx


Spring has sprung

W/C 27th February 2012

Well spring has finally sprung, and the weather this past week has been lovely.  I've had a very busy month with lots of treasure box shopping for two girls and a boy, all who are very brave. 

This month we would like to remember the wonderful Geoffrey, one of our treasure box children who sadly past away 2 weeks ago.  We are so proud to have been part of his life, we would like to send our thoughts to his family and friends, Geoffrey was one amazing little boy xxx

We held our first team indee meeting 2 weeks ago where we talked about events we are planning this year.  We have lots events in the works, so please keep posted for all the details,  We will be annoucing some new team members soon, as our charity grows we have found we need more and more support. If you are interested in joining our team or helping at any future events, please get in touch, it would be much appreciated.  Our celebrity football tournament will be back this year, in the summer, Russ is meeting with Johnny Eames soon to discuss the details, so we will let you know when we have a date in the diary, we really hope as many of you can attend and suppport our charity.

We had some wonderful news this last week with the scan of our baby, everything is going really well and we found out we are having a boy!!  We are so pleased, this is a gift from Indee, some time ago in 2010 we were told by a medium that she had a message from Indee, she said we were going to have another baby,  a boy but he wasn't 'cooked yet' but that he would come when he is ready! 

Congratulations to Charlie's Mummy and Daddy, who had a beautiful baby girl earlier this month, Charlie, one of our treasure box children, passed away  last year, so I feel this is a wonderful gift sent from Charlie, lots of love to all the family, we are so happy for you. xxx

If you are on Twitter please show your support by following our page, we are almost at 1,000 followers.  On Facebook we have over 4,000 fans, please also 'like' our page and show your support.

Please take a look at the following pages on facebook, these were set up by a member of our team - Marie Roddy who sadly lost her son.  Marie is doing wonderful work supporting local hospitals and families who have been through the same loss.  We wish Marie and Alex the best of luck with their new venture. xxx!/pages/Angel-Cuddle-Bears/292313820833395 and!/pages/Little-Angel-Cuddle-Cots/285546018129438



Thank you's

Thank you to Anthony Smith of Concord FC and Aspect Contracts who is organising a golf day for the charity on 16th March at Canvey Island Golf Club, details are on our event page.  Thank you for your continued support. x

Thank you to the wonderful Grace Kemp, one of our treasure box children, who, as a thank you is fundraising for our charity fr the next 12 months, we are so proud of what you have achieved Grace, thank you so much xxx

Thank you to Formula 1 who kindly donated some items to one of our treasure box children who is a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton, thank you so much for the signed items!

Thank you to a charity we work with 'Believe in Magic' who kindly invited some of our treasure box children to their special princess and pirate party at Hamley's this month, thank you, the party looked like a huge success.  Take a look at their website on our links page.  Thank you to the wonderful Megan and Jean for your continued support. xxx

A Big Thank you to Steven Belford who has kindly donated to Indees Charity.Steve like lots of others took part in a walk for Danny Green a few weeks back.Danny is a local boy who is currently at recieving treatment.Steven donated and his work place matched the amount and the donation had to go to a registered charity.x

A big thank you to Danielle Uren and family who have messaged me to say they have just made an online donation of £1000 to Indees Trust.Little Mackenzie recieved his treasure box yesterday and what a very kind gesture to want to create lots of smiles for children who like Mackenzie really do deserve to have a big smile sent to them.It makes us feel very humble when families want to give something back.Thank you so much xxxx


Happy New Year!

January 2012

Happy new year to you all xxx thanks or all your fantastic support throughout 2011. We created lots of smiles and memories for very brave children. We have some great events planned for the new year so please continue supporting indees charity and together we can create bigger smiles xxxxxxx

We have a little announcement to make xx we're shocked but pleased to tell you that we're having a babyxx. A gift from Indee we believe xx we had the scan today and all is good. The baby is due in July the same month as Indee. No-one will ever be able to replace our Indee but we know we have been blessed to have this oppurtunity to do it all again. A gift from Indee Rose for sure xxxxxxxx


I have a very busy month ahead, 12 referrals to get through - some serious shopping has to be done here. We really try to get the treasure boxes out as soon as we can. For anyone who has requested a referral they are being posted out now sorry for the delay xx please keep supporting the Indee Rose Trust to create big smiles for these wonderful children really is priceless xxx

Last year I wrote a little book for anyone to read its all about a magical land, short story - but we had the pupils of William Reed primary school illustrate it with lovely pictures. We're hoping to get it printed up soon and then sell for Indee's trust, give us some feed back on who might want one.xx all proceeds will create smiles and memories for brave children diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour throughout the uk.

Russ delivered a very special gift to an amazing boy who is currently in Great Ormond Street Hospital receiving treatment for a brain tumour, Danny is a local, who lives on Canvey, a very brave boy who so deserves a smile xxxx


Family and friends of Danny green are gathered this month at the lobster smack pub on Canvey Island to do a sponsored walk for him around the sea wall. Raising funds to support Danny for when he gets home. Well done to all that took party.

We are in the midst of planning our events for the 2012, but we know for sure that we will be holding an Easter Fayre, if you are interested in a stall please contact me on details will be up soon.

We will be holding a meeting soon to look for more team members and helpers for our events over the next year, if you are willing to give your free time to help us at The Indee Rose Trust, please get in touch and maybe you can attend our next meeting! All our team members work in their own time, we pay no salaries, everyone works for the children. xx

Lot's of Thank you's

Thank you to 'Team Sparkes' - Warren & Russell Sparkes, who are taking part in the London Marathon this year, they are running for The Indee Rose Trust and we are so proud to be able to have you there and helping us raise funds! Good luck and please support them by going to our fundraising page under 'Get Involved' where there is a link to their JustGiving page. Good luck guys!

Thank you to Lloyds of London charity trust, xl pe, members of Rob Gle Ye Olde Lodge and Miller Insurance Services Limited, the nanny group - Canvey, and William Reed Primary School on canvey island for your brilliant donations your all so very kind xxx also a big thank you to Clare brooking who supports the charity so much thank you for all your help xxx

A big thank you to the 7th felt ham sea scout group for your very kind donation xx big thank you to danikka who raised a great amount for holding a fashion show last year xx also to rs electrical contractors for there brilliant donation xx you will all create lots of smiles thank you all xxxxxx

Thank you to Maclaren who have sent some brilliant team items for one of our the treasure box children who loves Lewis Hamilton xxx



Christmas is nearly upon us!

W/C 23 November 2011

Hello all, i've had a busy few weeks with lots of treasure box shopping for our lovely brave treasure box children.  Also busy organising out party for the T11 Ward at UCLH, this holds a very special place in our heart, as this is where we spent many weeks with Indee whilst she was undergoing treatment, so we can 't wait to spoil all the brave childnre we have two fabulous celebrities who have offered their support for the day, so we are so excited!  Just now to buy the toys!! Lots of shopping ahead, I feel like Mrs Christmas!

Many thank you's this month to....

David Lynch who ran in the Coventry Half Marathon and donated to The Indee Rose Trust.
Mrs Cook kindly donated to the charity by selling plants in the summer.
Diane Jones who donated via Clare Brooking
A Big Thank you to Jacqui , Kate and Tracy who raised a fantastic £253.25  from there Halloween Party they organised together.
Thank you to Jane Hastings who nominated The Indee Rose Trust to hold a spooky fundraising day at Drakefield Insurance Basildon Essex. You all raised a brilliant £530.61 for the charity. Thank you to all Jane's Claim Team for making all the scrummy cakes and biscuits and for everyone who took part and donated on the day. Thank you also to the list of generous businesses who donated to there raffle Well done to you all and thank you.
Chris Nigel and Martyn who raised £1,255 for The Indee Rose Trust.They completed the Cumbrian Run earlier this year.
The Ulster Lodge in Canbridgeshire for there kind donation of £100.
Well done to the guys from GE Basildon who took part in there fundraising event to reach 1000 miles by travelling to Maldon and back either by bicycle,motorcycle or car. You raised a fantastic £207 for The Indee Rose Trust.
Ritra Brooking for your kind donation of £50.
Castle view Secondary school on Canvey who held a fundraiser and supported The Indee Rose Trust and raised £300.00
Cornelius Vermuyden Secondary School Canvey who fundraised £75.00 and chose Indee's charity to donate to.

and last but not least, thank you to William Reed School who last month held a special Indee Rose Day to raise money for the Trust, thank you also to 'Friends of William Reed' who kindly allowed us to have our own Indee Rose Stall at their Christmas Fayre.  Thank you to the lovely Jenny Mills for your support.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Indee's Trust, we really appreciate everything you do :o)

Jane x



Indee's Ball is a huge success!

W/C 24 October 2011

A great time was had by all at Indee's Masquerade Ball. Every single person dressed to impress and wore their Masks. We were so pleased on the way the evening went and we were delighted with the proceeds from the raffle and auction we raised near enough £10,000 not bad for our first Ball.  Thank you to every single person who was there and made the night so brilliant - a night to remember and we will be having another next year.

Big thanks to
Ellie Gunter a 13 year old singer with a big voice who wowed the crowd.
Sharon Meagor of Vision Balloons in Essex who decorated the whole event with her lovely balloons, they look amazing.  Please take a look at her website

DIVAlicious - Danielle Walsh & Kirsty Sweeney and James Bayford of JBS Sounds who entertained everyone all night with superb singing and fantastic music - take a look at their video's on YouTube here We would highly recommend these guys for weddings and events.
Richard Beckford who fascinated our guests with his fantastic magic tricks.
Cheryl Johnson of Feel Good Photo's who created some stunning photos of the night take a look at some of the photos from the night here .

All these wonderful people did not charge a penny and offered their services for free all night THANK YOU you made the night!

Thank you to our Sponsors of the night who were
Clubsports - ASPECT - SPRAYRITE PANELCRAFT.  Thank you for supporting The Indee Rose Trust we really do appreciate it.

Thank you to my little sis in law Perri Dopson who really did work so hard organising this event - you done so well and should be proud of yourself.

Lastly a big thank you to every single person who was there. We met some familiar faces but there were also new faces which we had the pleasure to meet. A really good crowd thank you for making the night very special. Think Indee would be very proud.

Roll on next year when we do it all again!



To Heidi Palmer who completed the Birmingham Half Marathon and has raised nearly £300 on her justgiving page for Indee's Trust.

Thank you to RBS - Gts Ops Southend who recently held a fundraising event and chose The Indee Rose Trust to receive the donation of £211.15
Thank you to Andy Thorne who kindly donated £100.

We will be selling Christmas Cards this year so please get in touch if you would like to purchase. Every penny will go directly to Indee's Trust.

Thank you to all our fundraisers on justgiving and everyone who supports. Your all fantastic.

Also our thoughts are with little Owen's family x


Harry is a Hero

W/C 10 October 2011

Had a busy time with lots of referrals to get through. Toys from In the Night Garden to Baby Annabelles and i touch's.Have to keep making these very brave children smile xx

Sad news this week Harry Moseley a truly inspirational little boy who sadly passed away. Harry who we never met but i have had conversations with him over fb had an inoperable brain tumour but he still managed to help others by making and selling his bead bracelets. He raised over £500,000 for his chosen research charities. Our thoughts are with his family. One amazing child.


We had the priviledge of meeting one of the treasure box children and his family this week. Mason has had a few days away at Indee's Beach house. Building sancastles and having fun with his lovely family. We were so pleased to meet them all he is a ray of sunshine. Back in August Mason and family and friends held a funday and we were lucky enough to be one of Mason/s chosen charities and we have received a massive £2596.00 from them + Shelley who turnt her her pink and raised more funds via our justgiving page. Brilliant. Ypu will make sure lots of very brave children can be sent a smile.

Thank you also to everyone who is attending The Masquerade Ball it is going to be a great night for sure.

Thank you to Faye who raised £350 for The Indee Rose Trust by having a stall at a Fayre.

Thank you to a Mr J Walsh who kindly donated £2000 to The Indee Rose Trust a huge amount thank you.

Everyone who is kind enough to donate,fundraise on our justgiving pages and more we THANK YOU ALL you have made such a difference to children's lives. You all should be so proud of yourselves.

Masquerade is a MUST!

W/C 19 September 2011

Had a very busy time treasure box shopping. We are receiving so many referrals for these very brave children. Sadly we hear from time to time that a child has passed away so we would like to send our thoughts to Taylor's family and Mohamed's family. Two very brave boys who will never be forgotten. xxx

SO many Thank you'

Jordan Mills who had all his long locks cut off by myself to raise money for the treasure box children and he raised just over £200 so well done Jordan.
A massive thank you also to Queensbury Boxing League who held a fight night on the 17th September at Epsom Racecourse and a raffle took place throughout the evening and they supported The Indee Rose Trust and raised £980. Thank you to all the boxers who are real gentlemen and to everyone who purchased a ticket throughout the night. You will create so many smiles.

A big thank you to Aldo Zilli the celebrity chef who made a dream come true for one of our treasure box children Geoffrey. Aldo invited Geoffrey and his family to his restaurant to do a bit of cooking and they all had such a great day. We know Aldo is a very busy man but we thank him and his lovely wife Nikki for creating a big smile and a wonderful memory for Geoffrey. We really appreciate it.

Thank you also to another great charity called Chelsea's Angels who purchased a tank experience for Geoffrey we heard he had a great day.


A big thank you the Haystack Pub on Canvey Island Essex, they held a fundraising day for the Indee Rose Trust and raised an amazing £1,670!! THank you to all the team who worked hard on the day and to everyone who turned up and showed their support!

A big thank you to Argos Pipps Hill Basildon who have supported The Indee Rose Trust with a voucher to the value of £750 to supply toys for the treasure boxes. This will really help and as you know we our charity is about creating smiles so thank you all so much and it was lovely meeting you all.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets to our Masquerade Ball which is to take place on Oct 21st at Orsett Hall - this will be a great night supporting The Indee Rose Trust and we can't wait to see you all there. There are a few tables left so if anyone is interested then please get in touch with Perri  on

Thank you also to The Rosca Trust who have supplied The Indee Rose Trust with a £500 grant to support children who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. Your very kind and we really appreciate it.

Look out for details of our Christmas Fayre and contact Jane if you wish to have a stall.



Indee kept the sun shining  :o)

Hello all, I've had a real busy few weekends with charity events.

Thank you to tv's Pixie from 'Embarrassing Bodies' and Mitch for including Indee's Charity in their fundraising event Hannah100 that took place at the weekend in Cambridge. Over 80 cyclists took part in the 60 mile bike ride. The funds were being raised for another charity called EACH a wonderful hospice for children in Cambridge. It was a great day and thank you to all the cyclists who made it on the day. A big thank you to all our Canvey gang who made it. It was hard work but you made it to the end well done.

Our walk for Indee this Sunday was a great day. Thank you to everyone who made the walk - lots of laughs along the way - lots of pink which indee would of loved. We are so grateful to each and every person who takes place on our own events we couldn't do any of this without you, the best thing was the sun was shining - we give this credit to Indee, who obviously made it a lovely day for us!

We are looking to sell a few more tables at our ball on Friday 21st October - please get in touch it will be a great night. Also looking for sponsors to support The Indee Rose Trust. Email Perri it's not too late to get tickets.


Love and thought's to a treasure box family who sadly lost there wonderful son and brother Tay. Thinking of you all xxxx

£18,000 raised for The Celebrity Football Event!!!

W/C 22 August 2011

What a great event we had!! So many boxers, celebrities showed their support for Indee's Trust, it was a gorgeous sunny day!  And hundreds and hundreds of locals and more turned up to watch the event.

Thank you to all the sponsors of the kits, there are so many! So here we go...

1.Aspect Contracts, A big thankyou to Anthony Smith and Grant Beglan not only for sponsoring one of our kits but also nominating Indee's trust as their charity of the year and booking a table for our charity ball in October.

2.British Board of Boxing Control not only sponsored a kit but entered their own team into the tournament ! well done guy's and thankyou.

3.Graham Earl's house of champions - A big thankyou to Graham, the former WBU Lightweight champion for not only sponsoring his own team kit but entering his team for the second year running, well done Graham thanks for your continued support, better luck next year with the football !!

4.LDD Group, a leading specialist in Fire Protection systems. A big thankyou to Ziggy for agreeing to sponsor one of our teams this year., a leading Uk phone accessory online shop.A big thankyou to Luke who not only sponsored a team this year but now has Indee's logo printed on all of his sales receipts to help create awareness for us.

6.Longbow communications, one of the UK’s leading Sales, Installation and Maintenance companies within the field of Telecommunication Systems, Structured Cabling and Networking.A big thakyou to Dean for coming in at the last minute and sponsoring one of the team kits.

7.Auto City, one of Canvey's leading car mechanics. A big thankyou to Kim for getting envolved this year.

8.Spence, a leading specialist in Fire Protection systems. A big thankyou to Jonathon Spence for their sponsor this year.

9.Sprayrite Panel Craft, a leading specialist in car body works. A big thankyou to all at Sprayrite since sponsoring one our team kits this year have pledged further help to Indee's Trust and we look forward to seeing alot more of Sharon and Gary in the future.

10.Barking Brickwork, property development and building works. A big thankyou to Tom for his 2nd year of support for team sponsors and also for purchasing the signed Tim Witherspoon and Leon Spinx world title belt at our auction.

11.SixtySeven - a leading financial consultancy company.

To all the wonderful boxers and celebrities who turned up from all over england - ireland - scotland
To Concord FC for allowing us to hold the event there and to all there staff who worked so hard throughout the day.
To the wonderful patron Johnny Eames from TKO Trad Gym for making this day all happen
Thank you to Rio who worked so hard helping Johnny organise the players
To Fin and Canvey Under 13's and Westham Boys Acadamy for being the best ball boys.
To everyone who bought a ticket on the day and supported Indee's Trust

Some stall holders donated on the day, so thank you we really appreciate your support.

The list can go on and on but thatnk you to each and everyone of you who helped Indee's Charity raise £18,000 - even though certain celebs did not show, the ones what were there made the day great and we really appreciate their time.

Also to everyone who bought a balloon for our balloon race - we will let the winner know by sept 18th! So keep an eye out for updates on Facebook.

Also thank you to Greggs Foundation for there wonderful grant of £2000 we are so grateful to you.


And a big thank you to everyone who gave to the auction and a thank you to The Long Run a great Canvey band who gave up their free time who we can highly recommend it really was an amazing event and we can't wait for next year!! 

Our celebrity football event is back....

W/C 8 August 2011

This week is going to be crazy!  We have our annual boxers and celebrity football event happening this Sunday 14th at Concord Football Club from 12.00pm.  As mentioned in my last blog we have a fabulous line-up!  More names are added daily at the moment, so it's really going to top last year!  We are hoping to match if not raise more money than we did last year, which was an amazing £20,000!  With the likes of Paul Smith and Razorlight on board I think it's going to be a great event and we really can't wait!

Just a reminder that you can buy tickets online at TKO Gym or you can buy them in advance at Club Sports on Canvey and also at Concord Rangers Football Club.  Gates will open at 11.00am on the day and you can buy on the gate.  Adults £10, VIP £20 and children 3-16 £2.50 and under 3's go free!

We had a great day at the Canvey Carnival on Saturday, it was a fab day, so many brilliant floats and people dressed up!  We enjoyed ourselves and we were so shocked when we received a call yesterday to say that £3170 was raised in the collection buckets!!  We are so pleased that all the locals came out and supported us and raised so much money! This will help create so many smiles for these seriously ill children.  Thank you to everyone who dressed up, walked around and shook their buckets and collected money, thank you to the local police and all the amazing stewards and a HUGE thank you to Canvey Carnival Association who selected us to receive the money collected, we are so happy to be a part of it and we look forward to taking part next year!  We have already decided on a theme and a float!!

A huge thank you to the Haystack pub who also held an all day event for the trust, with live bands and entertainment, face painting and more, the haystack raised an amazing £1603.25!!  Thank you so much!!  Thank you to all the staff and all the public who spent their money there that day, Russ went down with some members of our family and really enjoyed the live music!

.....also a big thank you to Amanda De ath and Sally Catling for her sponsor money for completing the Moonlight Colorthon!  Congratulations and thank you for supporting the trust!!

I'm treasure box shopping for two wonderful brave boys this week, looking forward to putting big smiles on their faces once they are delivered, this really does help create a wonderful memory for the child and their family at tough time.


Lots of love to all our treasure box children and families.

Hope to see many of you at the Celebrity Football event this Sunday!!


Canvey carnival is coming to town!!

W/C 25th July 2011

So many events happening for The Trust over the next month or so and we are so excited!!!  Firstly we have the Canvey Carnvial on Saturday 6th August, this is going to be a great event, there is so much planned and all money raised is going to our trust.  We are taking part ourselves along with our friends Hello Kitty, Fireman Sam, Peppa Pig and Spongebob Square Pants!! Don't miss this great day, things kick off from 12.00pm!

We also have our fabulous Celebrity Football Tournament, which is taking place this year at the lovely Concord Rangers Football Club on Canvey Island on Sunday 14th August from 12.00pm.  Gates open at 11.00am so if you are planning on going, get there early to be sure you can get tickets, last year we had over 3,000 people and raised an amazing £20,000!  Johnny Eames our lovely patron is organsing the event and we are so proud to call him our friend, he has worked tirelessly and having recently been diagnosed and treated for cancer himself he has been under impense pressure and we are so proud of him thank you Johnny and everyone at TKO Trad Gym!!  We have a fab line up: boxing stars Matthew Macklin, Kevin Mitchell, Ricky Burns, Barry McGuigan, Paul and Stephen Smith, Willie Limond, Tony Oakey, Wayne Elcock, Ross Minter, Martin Power etc.; will be joined by celebrities such as Alex Reid, Johnny Borrell (Razorlight), Mark Wingett (Jim Carver – The Bill), Stephen Bell (Coronation Street), various members of the Eastenders and Shameless cast and many more to be announced soon!  So this is sure to be a fab day!!  We really can't wait. We also have our Walk for Indee and our Masquerade Ball in October, so much planned!! Go to our events page under 'Get Involved' to find out more!

Thank you to The Hoy and Helmet Pub in Benfleet, who organised such an amazing event at their pub for the trust.  The Mods V's Rockers event was fabulus, there were some amazing bands and singers and entertainment for the kiddies as well as a BBQ.  So many people turned up on their bikes and some even dressed for the occasion!  Thank you to Emma and her team who worked so hard throughout the day to create such a great event raising funds for our charity - go to our past events page to read more.

Another Fab event over the weekend was Paddle for Life on Sunday 24th July which was organised by Owen Clements, the event kicked off with a clean up of Canvey beach followed by Paddle for Life and the kids 200m paddle and the fancy dress paddle, as well as an adult 1km paddle round the bay. Money was raised for the two chosen charities, The Indee Rose Trust & Havens Hospices.
In the evening their was an Hawaiian Style Beach BBQ at Smallgains Hall. Thank you to Owen and everyone who helped out on the day, such a great event and we are very grateful!

Lots of thank you's!!!
Thank you to Robert Platt who made a donation to Indee's Northern Trust for their kind charity donation of £ cast and crew who shook their buckets at their performances and raised £ Becky Halsey's dad who put forward Indee's Trust at his work place and we received a cheque for £ Emma Whitehair who has sold a massive 640 indee awareness wristbands. Amazing!! (Clubsports - Concord fc - Haystack pub on Canvey are selling the bands).

Thank you to Arsenal Fc who donated some tour tickets for one of our treasure boxes. A huge thank you to Chelsea Fc who have created a dream for one of our treasure box children..... to Grace who kindly donated a box of toys.....A HUGE THANK YOU to Sue Eaton Frost who is to walk the Great Wall of China for The Indee Rose Trust in October and who has already presented us with a cheque for £2800 brilliant!!!

Thank you to Beaupre Community Primary School who held a fundraiser and donated £43.50 to Indee's Trust. Thank you to Joshua Greenland for nominating us to your school!!

Thank you to everyone who continues to donate and help the trust with events and fundraisers, you really are creating lots of happy smiles for these seriously ill children when they really need it.  xxxxxxxx

A busy month!

W/C 18th July 2011

I've had another busy month gone by.  July means alot to us as it's Indee's 6th birthday, so we will be remembered her on her birthday and sent up balloons and chinese lanterns. I'm sure she is having a ball up there and not a moment goes by we don't think of her, we miss her so much.

I've been working on four treasure boxes this month, so lots of shopping and wrapping, so happy to know that this will help them smile.  We have been planning our visit to T11 ward at UCLH where we are going to deliver all the wonderful toys we won recently in a competition, we are really looking forward to this, we have lots of lovely surprises planned, with Peppa, Hello Kitty, Fireman Sam and Sponge Bob helping us!  We are visiting tomorrow on Tuesday 19th of July, so we'll be sure to update you!

We've also been busy organising our Celebrity Football event which is taking place on Sunday 14th of August at Concord Football Club, we have a fab line up planned - more to follow!  We are still looking for some sponsors - if you are interested please get in touch thank you!  Tickets will be on sale on the day from 11.00am, I will update with more info on facebook asap!

The Paddle For Life event is taking place next weekend, please show your support, event details are on our page!  Going to be a great day!

Lots of things planned for August, Canvey Carnival on the 6th of August, we will have a float and our characters - Hello Kitty, Peppa, Sponge Bob and Fireman Sam will be walking along with us collecting money!! So hope to see many of you there, The Haystack pub also have a fundraising day for us, which looks like an amazing event - please check our facebook page or events page here for more details!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Indee Rose Awareness wristbands they are everywhere and we appreciate everyone who has bought them. You can still buy them from us or from Club Sports on Canvey Island.

Special thoughts go to little Karis and Blaise who are in hospital receiving treatment. xxxx

We will be remembering a special boy Samuel and is family this month xxxxxx

Thank you's!

A big thank you for the lovely flowers that have been deliverd from Jill Andrea Fawcett for us. What a lovely surprise and yes they have made me smile - but you really didnt have to do that but thanks xxxxxxxx and the pink rose for indee is beautiful xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you to cast and crew who did a fabulous show this month and shaked our Indee Rose buckets at the end of the show and raised £133.66 in donations to the trust, we appreciate all your support xxx

Thank you to Chelsea Football Club, who have organised a special treat for one of our treasure box children, we were so chuffed to have heard back from you and I'm sure this will be an amazing day for the child xx

A huge thank you to Anthony Smith who donated a laptop to one of our treasure box children this month, we were so chuffed and this was such a wonderful thing to do - we really appreciate your continuted support!


Sunshine finally on it's way!

W/C 20th June 2011

After lots of rain, we are hoping for some sunshine which is finally on it's way!!  I've had a very busy month and I'm so sorry that i've not had time to post my blog!

I've been busy treasure box shopping for four brave little boys, one which as hand delivered by Russ to Nathan who was at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I have also been try to organise our visit to T11 ward at UCLH - gonna be loads of fun peppa pig is going and some other kids tv favourites - delivering toys to the children of t11 ward who are being treated for cancer -  we really can't wait to see their faces!

We had some great news this month that the Oz tv station that filmed a broadcast on Canvey Island for the Royal wedding has agreed to make a £2000 donation to the Trust . Thank you Seven Network TV , it will help keep creating many smiles.

Here is a photo of the gorgeous Camille, who met Mr Maker this month, we are so proud of Camille, undergoing countless operations and has just returned from the states after receiving proton therapy.  Camille is doing so well and as a treat we organised a meet and greet with CBeebies Mr Maker. They had a lovely time glueing and making things


This weekend I'm off with Russ, Finley and his friend to Alton Towers for the weekend, you may remember when I won 'Bounty's Real Mum of the Year 2010' award, we also won a break to Alton Towers, so on Saturday morning we leave nice and early for our little trip - we really can't wait!!

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that we now have wristbands for sale - they are £1.00 each, if you would like to help raise some money for the trust by selling support bands at your school/college/work place - let me know!!  Everything helps!


Soooooooo...... many thank you's this month!

Hastlers Foundation for there kind donation of £400.00.

The team at Surestart - Ashfield District for taking part in there fun-run and raising £100 for Indee's Trust!

Mark Parsons who raised £227.00 by taking part in The Great West Run along with Sarah Black and colleagues who have been fundraising on our justgiving site and raised a huge amount - Thank you to Mark's work place - Ernst and Young who matched the amount!

Thank you to Robert W Baird Group Limited for your kind donation of £772.28!

Thank you to Jane Hastings and her claim team from Drakefield Insurance Services who made and sold cakes at work and to all who donated money on the day to Indee's Trust by taking part in the raffle and purchasing Indee's wristbands.

Thank you to everyone including Nando's, Hollywood Bowl, Matalan, Paula, Siobhan, Kara and Sam for all your kind donations for raffle prizes. A fantastic £466.60 was raised on the day!


Finally, a huge Thank you to our local Sainsbury's Supermarket on Canvey Island, who over the past year has supported the trust, they have had collections tins and buckets in store, we were presented with a cheque for £500.00!  A massive thank you to Canvey people who have given us your spare change, this really is a huge amount - thank you!



Royal Wedding Fever!

W/C 25th April 2011

What a week!  Very busy shopping, wrapping and sending some lovely treasure boxes to two gorgeous girls!

Have contacted UCLH the hospital where indee and lots of the treasure box children are treated for radiotherapy. Hoping they will let us visit t11 ward and deliver some of the toys we won last week to the children being treated for cancer. It will bring back some memories but happy ones where me and Indee had lots of fun.

Well done to Sarah Black - James - Mark - Alfie - Sam who ran The Great West Run on Sunday and supporting The Indee Rose Trust. Thanks for the support!!!

A big thank you to Robyn Ive and her friend Liberty, who last weekend made rings to sell at a family BBQ and raised £25 for The Indee Rose Trust! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this in your school holidays.

Thank you to The Hoy and Helmet Pub in Benfleet who raised a BRILLIANT £539 for The Indee Rose Trust on there royal wedding day event last friday. Thanks to everyone who bought the sweets,cakes took part in the tombola and everyone who donated on the day.You will make lots of brave children SMILE XXX FANTASTIC XXX

Here is a photo of the Hoy and Helmet pub on their fundraising royal wedding day!

Congratulations to the Royal couple!!!

Looking forward to next Sunday's 10K run!!! Hope to see you there!

A winners week!

W/C 18 April 2011
Another busy week shopping for treasure boxes for three gorgeous girls and one fabulous little boy, can't wait to send these off to these very brave children, I hope it makes them smile!

We had some great news this week, we won a fabulous competition!  Offers on the Web worked in conjunction with The News Of The World giving away 20,000 toys to 20 children's charities.  With the help of some fabulous voters we won the competition on week 2!  We are so happy, these toys will help us to create some brilliant treasure boxes!!!

Received a lovely letter and a donation this week from a lovely family who we sent a treasure box to last year. Sadly their daughter passed away but they wanted to let us know how happy the treasure box made her x One amazing family and their very brave daughter xxxxxx


A few thank you's

To Baird Capital Partners Europe Limited who held a fundraiser for the trust and raised £225.00!  Thank you so much!

A Big Thank you to Canvey Island Rugby Club who celebrated their 40 year anniversary and collected £140.00 for Indee's Trust xxxx 

Thank you to Claire Mackay who donated the door entry fee of £158.00 from her pamper night xxx appreciate your support xxxxxx

A masssive thank you to Jon Brown who run in the London Marathon in blistering heat to raise lots of money for the trust, well done Jon and thank you xxx

And last but by no means least, a big thank you to The Hoy and Helmet pub in Benfleet, Essex who are organising a royal wedding fundraiser next weekend for the trust, if you are interested in attending the festivites are as follows:

"We are having a BBQ, outside bar, cake stall, sweet stall, raffle, bouncy castle and games.  We have live bands throughout the day from 12 to 8 pm then a disco in the evening." Sounds like a fab day/evening!!!

Easter is on it's way!!

Busy week with lots of treasure boxes to shop for and to send. Sending lots of positive thoughts to Luna , Mason , Belen , Blaise and as always Camille.

Getting ready for the easter fayre so we hope lots will come and support us.  Lots of great stalls and loads of fun.

Some thank you's....
to Hayley Doris Blackwell who managed to finish the Cambridge to Southend Bike ride 26th March. Hayley has raised money through our justgiving page and will create so many smiles with her kindness. One great way to donate !

A big thank you to Arsenal fc especially Beverley Nicholas who donated lots of great toys to The Indee Rose Trust for our treasure boxes.  We really appreciate your support.

A very big thank you again and well done to Christopher Rainer, one of our treasure box children who has been so brave through his treatment and his school awarded him a very special Zach Petchey Award for all his hard work and achievement, Chris donated his prize money to The Indee Rose Trust, to read more please go to this link and go to page 13.


Mister Maker made our March!

W/C 14th March 2011

I'm so sorry, I haven't done the blog for a few weeks, we have been so busy! We have had so many referrals of late quite unbelievable just how many children we are hearing about.  We know the treasure boxes bring lots of smiles to the children and that is great.
This month, we had the pleasure of meeting 'Mister Maker' from CBeebies who kindly agreed to meet Luna, one of our treasure box children. What a lovely person he is, along with Rosie they really created lots of smiles for Luna and her family. It was great meeting him and I hope we can stay in touch!  

Thank you so much for your time Mr Maker, I for one am a huge fan!

I have so many Thank you's so here I go.... 

To William Read School on Canvey who donated £195.32 to Indees Trust from their christmas carol sing song.

Quarrydale School in Nottinghamshire who raised £300.00 for The Indee Rose Trust.
Anne Wood and friends who donated £100.00 from the raffle donations from the 80's nite they had.

A big thank you to Notley Highschool Braintree Essex and Christopher Rayner. Chris who is one of our treasure box children, was presented with a very special award at his school. Having been treated for brain tumours, throughout his treatment, Chris has worked very hard at school and achieved wonderful grades, his school were so impressed that he was awarded for his efforts. Chris had to pick a charity who he would like to help and he chose The Indee Rose Trust, we received £200.00, which was brilliant!  Well done Chris we are so proud of you!
Thank you to 'Nanny Liz' and friends who raised a whopping £580.00 for holding " a come dine with me night" at her home, you must be a wonderful cook and host Liz!  Well done!

A massive thank you to Celtic Football Club who took the time to read an e-mail I had sent and will be making one of our treasure box children smile. A lunch date in the directors box and a meet and greet with the players. FAB!!! Thank you a very special memory created.

Thank you to everyone who has set up a justgiving page and is raising funds for Indee's Trust we really appreciate all your support.   Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Thank you to Barclays Bank on Canvey Island, who have chosen The Indee Rose Trust as their charity of the year!

We have alot of events for the year ahead, please take a look at our events page. One event we have this week is our medium night, lots of 1-2-1 private readings and platform mediumship, we can't wait!



Busy January!

W/C 31st January 2011

Had a very busy few weeks with treasure boxes to shop for and send. Had some lovely conversations with mum's who have a diagnosed child. They are all so positive and strong and with the right attitude anything is possible.

This week little Camille is back to Addenbrooks hospital for her surgeon to operate once again then Camille will be flown back to America to receive the proton therapy and hopefully that tumour will disappear. Camille is one tough cookie and we wish her all the luck in the world.

We also have some sad news that one of our very brave treasure box children has sadly passed away this week. Little Matt, age 5, sadly lost his battle, but he really is a superstar child and all our thoughts are with his family.  Little Matt received his treasure box last year but we sent him a little treat a few days ok and we are so pleased he received it.
These children never ask to become ill and their childhood's are taken away, so if you can help in creating a smile for a very brave child then please get in touch.
A few thank you's to...
Mary Anne and family who amaze us with there kindness when their own hearts have been broken. Katelyn, their beautiful daughter sadly passed away on December 9th 2010, we have a lovely picture of Katelyn on our gallery. The family are raising funds for The Indee Rose Trust on Justgiving So thank you so much to you all and everyone who has donated to Katelyn Donovan's page. A beautiful girl who will create so many smiles.
A thank you to William Read Primary School on Canvey Island who has donated £195.32 from money collected by parents at their Christmas Carol Service.
Thank you to you all xx

Please get in touch if you can support The Indee Rose Trust in anyway.

Wishing Camille the very best of luck xxx

W/C 10th January 2011

A very busy time treasure box shopping for lots of brave children. This week we have completed four treasure boxes and they will be sent out to some of the bravest children I know.

We are busy planning our events for the year, so watch this space!  If you have an event idea, please get in touch, everything helps!

Little Camille is now in Florida with her family preparing for Proton Therapy and we wish her all the luck in the world. Sending you all lots of love. xxx


A few thank you's to....

Miki Travel for the £1,000 they donated as part of their Christmas cards.

Also many, many thanks to... 
Sue Barnes, Barbara and friends for their kind donation's
Canvey Island Fire Station for their brilliant donation of £700.00

Thank you so much to each and every one of you! x


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, fund raised, held or supported one of our events in 2010.  2010 was a fantastic year for The Indee Rose Trust and we managed to create so many smiles and memories. We really appreciate everyone's support and we know Indee would be very proud of you all.

2010 also was a time of meeting some of the wonderful children who were referred to us, but sadly some passed away. The wonderful Ryan, Dre, Emily, Dylan, Samuel, Charlie, Ashley, Jazmine, Molly, Megan and Katelyn - all very brave children and our thought's are with their families.

As 2011 begins, we have so many treasure boxes to send out, so please keep supporting The Indee Rose Trust and together we can create more smiles and memories that really do last a lifetime.

A few thank you's!

SCS Interiors ltd
Heale Property Management
Ryga Properties Limited
Howden Joinery Limited
Amanda Gonella

For all their kind donations over christmas!  Thank you so much.

Here's to a great year!

Jane x 


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