The Treasure Box

'Indee Rose Treasure Box'

We provide a Treasure Box that will be delivered to a child who has been hospitalised whilst receiving treatment for a brain or spinal tumour. Boxes are personalised to suit each child's personal interests with toy's, games, books and cds. We will also provide a one off grant to help support the family at this difficult time. The grant is only given once the child has received their treasure box and with approval from the trustee's of The Indee Rose Trust.

We have referral froms and leaflets on show at Great Ormond Street, UCLH and other hospital's in South East England. Any child who is living with a brain or spinal tumour aged 1-16 will be eligible. A family member; carer; guardian; social worker; friend or medical professional can refer a child.

The information we receive will be used to provide suitable toy's for the child to help with their recovery. If you know of a child currently undergoing treatment, please get in touch.


Here are some of our little heroes who have recieved one of our boxes...

If your child has received an 'Indee Rose Treasure Box' and you would like their photo to appear on our website, please send to Thank you!

Grace and Izzy

              Grace, age 6                                                 Izzy, age 7

Liberty Rose and Mitchell

           Liberty-Rose, age 4                                      Mitchell, age 12

abi and ashley

                      Abi, age 6                                         Ashley, age 7

Ryan and Camille

                  Ryan, age 15                                         Camille, age 3

Martha and Charlie

                  Martha, age 2                                     Charlie, age 2

Amy and Deacon


                   Amy, age 3                                         Deacon, age 2

Owen and Zach


               Owen, age 5                                           Zachariah, age 3



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