Celebrity Support

Kate Williams, Actress

 Kate WilliamsWe are very proud to welcome 'Eastenders' and 'Love Thy Neigbhour' actress Kate Williams as a patron to The Indee Rose Trust.

A message from our patron Kate Williams:

"The Indee-Rose Trust is a small, straight-forward, charity run by two people who know, at first hand, about having a child with a terminal illness.   The idea is a brilliant yet simple one, as brilliant ideas often are, and is all about the child not the illness.  The Trust gives the child a present.  Several presents.  A box of favourite, dream wishes to raise a smile, engage their attention and bring them some joy.  

This is not a charity with expensive overheads or heavy organisational costs.  The money raised goes to the kids.  I love the simplicity.  I am delighted to have been invited to be a Patron."

Dean Macey


Dean Macey, Olympic Champion

At The Indee Rose Trust, we are very proud to have Dean Macey, Olympic, Common Wealth Championship and Winner of the Sports Personality of the Year Award (BBC 1999) as a patron of our charity.

Dean has given us great support and has taken part in many of our events.


A message from our patron, Dean Macey, Olympic medalist:

"I didn't need to think long or hard before agreeing to be a patron for The Indee Rose Trust. Russ and Jane really are passionate about where they are going with the trust and what it can do for the brave kids that are diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. I think we all have to do what we can to bring as much joy into these kids lives while we can. Money may be an issue for many people at the moment but it's important to remember, that there is always someone somewhere less fortunate than you."

Grainger and Eames


Johnny Eames and Derek Grainger, Ultrachem TKO Gym

We are proud to be supported by renowned professional boxing coaches Johnny Eames and Derek Grainger of the Ultrachem TKO Gym in Canning Town, who have pledged to support the Indee Rose Trust for future events, they will be holding an annual celebrity football event to raise funds for the trust.

Johnny Eames said, “First of all I want to say what a great honour it is to be associated with The Indee Rose Trust.  It’s a trust that’s run by the two parents that tragically lost their three year old girl to a brain tumor. Unbearable thing to think about really. They have set up this trust fund to raise valuable cash to help children under the age of eighteen who are recovering from brain and spinal tumours.

We’re privileged to put the Ultrachem TKO Gym name to the trust and we are, hopefully, going to put on a yearly football tournament to raise funds for the trust. The response, for the first tournament on the 25th July 2010, was fantastic. So many boxing stars, journalists and stars from music and television pledged their support.

It’s not our charity for just this year though. For as long as Ultrachem TKO Gym is around, The Indee Rose Trust will be our chosen charity and we’ll raise funds for the trust.

Finally I would like to thank the guys who pledged their names to come and play at the tournament in July 2010, as well as my own fighters."

Paul Smith,  Former British Super Middle Weight Champion

We first met Paul when Johnny Eames asked him to take part in the TKO Celebrity Football Tournament in aid of The Indee Rose Trust with his own team, The Pickpockets back in July 2010.  After a long day battling for the trophy Paul's team won. 

Paul keeps in regular contact and delivered a very special treasure box on behalf of The Indee Rose Trust to a brave little girl called Camille, who was having surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital in Liverpool. 

We are very pleased that Paul is one of our great Patrons.

A message from our patron, Paul Smith:
" I was really pleased to be asked to become a Patron for the Indee Rose Trust, a very worth while cause, supporting these very brave children. 

It's an honour to be part of this charity." 

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